We all want to be loved for who we are. Love makes the world go round… I am told. But, when being loved requires us (or so we believe) to give up our own needs and values, there is a danger.

When we sacrifice who we are, when we are not loved and accepted for who we are, our loving becomes conditional on behavior and our freedom is severely limited. Some needs are being met, but that can only last so long if we are not able to be who we are authentically.

Is love enough? No. Robin talks about the other components that are essential to creating the kind of love we all truly want. To experience deep intimacy, we must know that our values and needs are in alignment with our beloved.

We also must accept the other person just as they are… recognizing that we will grow through the relationship, becoming more authentically who we are as we offer the deepest truth of our heart. Then, and only then, can we experience a truly ecstatic kind of love. The love we all deserve.