We all are born with a sense of connectedness to life. Even as a toddler, you will notice how the choice for happiness is always in the forefront of needs. That sounds pretty easy, but why is it that we cannot maintain this sense of joy throughout our life?
Aaron McCormick and Robin discuss why we come into this life, and the soul’s purpose to rediscover its unbounded nature. We are born in a specific physical form and environment for a reason and a purpose. Life teaches us through placing challenges that we must overcome as a way of spiritual ‘weight living.’ Aaron explains that we need these weighty obstacles in our path to make us stronger and stretch us beyond our current self-imposed limitations.
How are they self-imposed?  Because we buy into the conditioning of our culture, parents, environment, and fears that the ‘gravity’ of life presents to us. We do have a choice on how to respond, but often times we don’t know that…thus the journey to your within.
Aaron shares with listeners about his young struggles and the wisdom he gained along the way. Robin and Aaron are here to remind you with compassion and love why you have the opportunity to live an unbounded life.