What is courage? Why do we need courage? Courage is an essential element in order to live a fulfilled and happy life, for it allows us a sense of personal empowerment that is essential for making changes in our life. We oftentimes get caught up in the fear and the past emotional stories we have been living with.
It is hard to let go of our emotional blueprints, but if looked at as an adventure to our own personal development and investment in our joy then we have the opportunity to become more than what we thought we could be. We become heroes to ourselves, and our life takes on much more meaning.
We have been taught to think of courage as the fireman who pulls the baby out of the burning building, and that takes a special kind of courage, conviction, and dedication to life that is to be truly admired and respected. However, there is also another kind of courage and that is to be able to look deeply into ourselves and question the way we think and live.  Looking deeply into our own thoughts and behaviors is very scary indeed, and the hardest ‘work’ we will ever do in life.
Today, Ken D. Foster and Robin Jillian discuss the different aspects of courage, why we need courage, and some practical tips on developing courage so we can make the changes we want to make in our life that ultimately bring us much more happiness as we develop greater strength and courage within ourselves.