We all have struggles in life. That being said, there are times in your life when many things seem to fall apart at once. These are very painful times and we fight the winds of evolution because it makes us so uncomfortable and insecure. Growing is not easy or fun much of the time.

What I have come to observe is that it is not possible during these times to “will” your way to fulfilling your needs and desires, and seemingly the harder you try, the more life resists and you find great disappointment. Life is showing you what needs to change. Are you resisting the messages in your life and causing more pain?

What if you could embrace the change and accept what is being revealed to you? There are things in your life that are ending or need to end, and will you allow life to lead you to your next destination through the art of surrender?

Robin speaks about Faith and Gratitude as the fuel to Surrendering to a more enlightened way of being. This will allow you to be at peace even through the struggles. Through your surrender to the “what is,” you can co-create your life with God, source, spirit, universal flow, nature (whatever words resonate with you) to manifest a purposeful and meaningful life that will bring you acceptance and love.