We all want to be “in love.” Why? It feels amazing, validates who we are, and allows us a level of growth and joy that we cannot experience on our own. 
Your relationships serve as mirrors. What does that mean? You have places inside of you where you have shamed, judged, or blamed yourself, and those parts of your character get locked away inside of you especially after a breakup. 
You become shut down and fearful as a result. How do you open your heart again after a heartbreak? The key is to be aware of your own values and needs.
When you take responsibility and are willing to awaken to what is going on inside of you… only then can you be empowered to show who you really are… embracing your values and needs within an authentic relationship.

From a soul perspective, you chose those partners that will help you to unlock those closed doors, thus the reason for the attraction in the first place.
Those closest to you know where to push your buttons so you can ultimately heal, and although painful… if you can stay open and vulnerable to what life is teaching you, not only will you heal, but you will know a love like never before.