What are the components that shape your perception of the world? How many of you allow your emotions to control the way you feel about your life? What happens when those emotions are based on stories that you have created from painful past events?

What I am suggesting is that it is not the events in your life that cause you pain and disassociation from your spirit, but rather what you have told yourself about the event. When we experience difficult events or even traumatic events, it is not the event that hurts your spirit and joy, it is what you have made up in your head about the event.

Thoughts like, “I am no good,” “I can’t do anything right,” “I am unloveable,” “Everyone abandons me,” “I am not deserving of love” …these are just a few examples of the lies we tell ourselves that continuously operate under the surface and control your emotional reactions, hurt your intimate relationships, and limit your sense of joy.

How do we become free from our past? Today my guest, James Purpura, author of “Perception – Seeing is Not Believing,” will give some tips on how to change your unwanted emotions based on the lies that you created in fear.