Michael describes his book in this way: A Guide to Mastering Wisdom Daily, Achieving Equilibrium, and Empowering Your Noble Self. Isn’t that what we all want to develop for our life? Michael wrote this book in such an authentic way… “feels like I am talking with a very compassionate friend.”

Michael and Robin Jillian discuss how we all have an untapped reservoir of awareness that you can learn to access to become wiser, achieve a state of equilibrium, and develop a clearer and stronger sense of purpose for each day and this lifetime.

As we live, we gain wisdom…at least that is the preferred way of living in this lifetime. However, there are different types of wisdom…Michael beautifully describes the many “Loving Wisdoms.” Such as: The Wisdom of Acceptance, The Wisdom of Being True to Yourself, The Wisdom of Discipline, and The Wisdom of Love..just to name a few.

If you would like to understand how you can live as your most aware self, this interview will enlighten you on many ideas and truths that you may not have considered. A New Now will help you by guiding you to live a more balanced and joyful life as he teaches you what questions to ask of your “Higher Self.” You are a spiritual being on a spiritual journey…A New Now will teach you to rediscover your true essence.