“When love is not madness, it is not love.”  –  Pedro Calderon de la Barca

There is nothing like falling in love to bring you to an experience of pure ecstasy. A fire burns in your heart and soul that no words can describe.

To be “in love” makes life worth living.

It’s the stuff that great movies are made of, and love songs are written about… touching you in ways that cause an explosion in your heart.

We are able to transcend the limitations of our rational mind and express the energy of pure love as ecstatic poetry in motion. There is a passion of aliveness that reaches our inner core in profound ways that cannot be described.

We cannot help but notice the numerous stories of personal triumph… overcoming seemingly impossible challenges and obstacles because of the deeply connected love we experience with another soul.

How is this possible? How is it not?

I recently watched the beginning of the movie “Shakespeare in Love” and the movie actress, Gwyneth Paltrow,  describes what kind of love she wants after seeing a play about love.

She says, “Stage love will never be true love. I will have poetry in my life and adventure and love… love above all… not the artful postures of love, but love that overthrows life… unbiddable, ungovernable, like a riot in the heart, and nothing to be done come ruin or rapture.”

If that doesn’t get your heart beating, nothing will.

In my world, the true test of courage is the ability to open your heart to that awesome, over the top kind of love, not knowing where it will lead.

Love is a state of beingness, not an emotion, and to live in a state of “real” love where all caution is thrown to the wind allowing yourself to be completely vulnerable, showing who you are… claiming your authentic voice of love in your relationships… allowing love to lead the way with complete abandon… well, that’s the stuff that makes you crazy and yet you are saner than you have ever been in your entire life.

Gwyneth’s words brought tears to my eyes as she described the kind of love she wants to experience in her life.  This kind of love, I believe, we all deeply want, but we are afraid.

Our fear of loss of self and attachment to past wounds and heartbreaks runs the show…. fear makes up stories that this kind of love is unattainable.

I don’t believe this is true and I invite life to show up and teach me how.

I wish you awesomely passionate and heart-consuming love in your life. Can you allow yourself this gift? I do. I invite you to awaken to who you truly are…


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♡ In love, RJ