What does it mean to be a Spiritual Warrior? Courage, Fearlessness, and Faith play an essential role. Dr. Cousens explains that the purpose of life is to know ourselves as spiritual beings. The importance of aligning our sense of self with God (source, universal energy, spirit) is the path to raising our level of awareness…waking up if you will.

All roads in this life lead us to ultimately knowing more about who we truly are as spiritual beings living in a human body, whether we are aware of it or not. Asking the right questions is extremely important and it is in the recognition that we are not victims of life that will set us free to be co-creators in our lives. All of life is a teacher.

Doctor Cousens and Robin Jillian discuss the various aspects of life that can help us to find our way. His new book “Into The Nothing: A Spiritual Autobiography,” includes page after page of guidance and wisdom. There are amazing teachings on each page that will open up your eyes and enlighten your soul.

He openly shares his personal, and heartfelt journey, which will assist you in coming to profound awareness.