Have you ever wondered why you seem to immediately connect with some people? Without knowing really anything about each other, you immediately connect and feel a sense of knowing where each other are coming from. It is as though you see the world through the same lens.

Allen and Tahnee have studied these 10 fundamental operating systems running on our planet. They present material which explains that all our thoughts, beliefs, values, choices, and behaviors are related to the level of consciousness, which is our basic ‘operating system’ if you will.

During Robin Jillian’s interview, you will discover how to understand yourself better, understand other people better through recognizing how your specific terrain sees the world…thereby offering guidance as to how you relate to your world, and how you are evolving. The two core assumptions that David and Tahnee make are:

1. That this is an intelligent, conscious, self-aware universe

2. We are all expressions of the One infinite and immortal consciousness

The awareness of this system is not about comparing yourself to others… no one is less than or better, but rather helps you to navigate your life as you become more self-aware and more in touch with how and why others think and behave the way they do. You become more adept at determining what you need, and perhaps more compassionate of other people in the process.

To find out YOUR Terrain, go to www.TenTerrains.com and do the Quiz.