Sometimes in life, we experience fears that we do not understand. Our lives are limited as, over time, we become identified with the stories we tell ourselves around the fear. Often not feeling as though we are good enough or deserving of real happiness. This translates as blocks to our ability to see the truth of who we really are.

We adjust to living a life that doesn’t feel as if it belongs to us. We are so heavily conditioned to what our life ‘should’ look like that we continue to live in a way that really isn’t the life we want to live nor what we are destined for…that allows for personal creativity and freedom to be who we really are.

The universe provides “opportunities” or chances for real soul growth and transformation if you are willing and receptive to hear the calling of your soul for greater expansion and awareness. This is a journey of self-discovery through the heart…the greatest journey of all that you can take in your lifetime.

Judi Miller has been on such a journey and shares with you, during this honest and compelling interview, what it means to discover your own self-love and ability to change your life living in joy.