It’s Holiday time again… what does that mean for you? Are you running around crazy and stressed because you are living under the understanding that you “must” or “should” do or feel a certain way at this time?  
We are all so heavily conditioned to “give” in ways that don’t really mean much to us, but we do it anyway.  How have we interpreted love and caring, and does that serve who we really are and what we really want?
I know that what we want is to be true to ourselves, our values, and our beliefs. We can no longer afford to betray ourselves by acting in ways that are not who we really are.
Robin discusses why it is an important part of our growth and joy to allow ourselves to become disillusioned so we can see more clearly as we let go and surrender to a new way of being in the world. This is not easy, and in fact, can be extremely difficult as we evolve on our spiritual path, but very rewarding.
We all have things that happened to us, especially as young children, and we decided what we need in order to survive, thrive, and be happy and safe. Give yourself the freedom from the “shoulds” and “have to’s” of life. Allow the peace of disillusionment to guide you to the new expanded version of you!