We fall in love and then with time we realize that they are not nearly as perfect as we thought. A common theme, but in truth why is that?

We all carry many conditioned ideas of what love should look like. It is the purpose of our relationships to bring to light that which is buried inside of us keeping us stuck and scared.

Unless we are willing and aware enough to look at those unhealed places in ourselves and those outdated stories that prevent the kind of intimacy we really want, we are destined to go through our relationships with pain and heartache.

We need Courage to Love and courage to go beyond our limitations and “wake up” to our authentic self that is wanting to be expressed and free.

In this episode of Awaken Radio, Robin and her guest, Ken D. Foster, (author of “The Courage to Change Everything,” and radio show host in over 100 countries) will help you to free the love within yourself so you can experience the kind of transformation only your intimate relationships can provide.