How is life asking you to show up? Who are you?

Through the joys and the challenges, how can you know what steps to take that will lead you to a life where you experience heart alignment with your purpose and ultimately peace?

There is a process, and there are no quick fixes to transforming your life, living from your true passion and desires. Life asks us to reinvent ourselves over and over.

Robin explains how we can align with our heart to create what we want for our life, and how can we know when to act. “There are no mistakes, only lessons. Growth is a process of trial and error.”

You can learn to follow your own unique bread crumbs, which will allow life to lead you to your new destination if you remain open to new possibilities.

This episode is part 1 and will be continued with the next show explaining more of the steps on how to follow your own unique bread crumbs manifesting the life you are being called to.