Would you believe it if I told you that Dr. Hal Bradley was recruited by the Mexican drug cartel from the age of 15 to become one of the top drug smugglers of cocaine in the entire United States? It’s true, and the story he shares is almost unbelievable. In his new book, Crisis Victory, Dr. Bradley explains his personal step-by-step formula for transcending any crisis in life…for him there were many.
We all experience various crisis’s throughout our lives, and with guidance, and the proper tools, we do gain the strength and courage to learn and grow from the experience. Dr. Bradley will teach you how to reshape your consciousness, and mindset, to transform your life and overcome the crisis.
Currently, he holds a doctorate in Pastoral Counseling, a Master’s in Metaphysics, a former US Army Veteran, and a certified Hospice Counselor. Robin Jillian talks with Dr. Bradley about his struggles, and how he transformed his life by serving others, and the amazing rewards when we are willing to become more than we thought we could be.