Guest:  Rebecca Thompson, Author of “Rebecca Rising”

Have you had major shake-ups in your life… feelings of intense loss, whether it be through personal relationships, work, or family dynamics, which led to profound disillusionment as you witnessed your life disintegrating? We all have, and it’s what we intend to create in our life that aids us in our “waking up” to a new and transformative life.
Rebecca Bea Thompson tells us the story of how she was a leader in corporate America, raised a family, and made a home with her husband, including the picket white fence. When her husband began drinking heavily, she knew she had to drastically change her life, and she did just that with great courage. She had to recognize and change her deep conditioning.
Rebecca was always taught to concern herself with what other people think. She was also heavily conditioned through her religious training that we all are flawed, and that once you are married you stay married no matter what, which she believed for many years. Those beliefs made it even more difficult for her to end a destructive relationship.
Join Robin Jillian and Rebecca as she shares with you the courageous steps she took to completely transform her life. Rebecca is also the author of Rebecca Rising: How I Found Courage and Self-Love Through Friendship, Coaching, and Conversations With the Moon.