What does it mean to be happy? Is it possible that happiness can be much more than seeking pleasure in whatever form that takes for you? Events in our life won’t really create the full out kind of happiness we are designed for, as that is a temporary state.

Happiness is an inner state of being, and we can experience happiness for no other reason than we have the ability to tap into the joy that is essentially who we are. To tap into our essential nature of happiness is not easy, and in fact, when we are in pain, it takes tools to work through our unhappiness and come into greater alignment with the voices within that prevent our being able to embrace our joy in life.

Robin discusses with her guest Elliott Robertson, author of “Say Yes to Life…7 Keys to Living Full Out From Within,” how we can contribute to our happiness through self-inquiry, self-love, and most importantly, living a life where you are aligned with your values and needs as that will always bring the happiness you seek. More to come on that in future podcasts as there is so much more to be said.