Robin Jillian

Your Host

Pain is a great awakener and a necessary part of the journey. You experience this complete shatter of who you are in order to rebuild yourself, and it’s through that process that you start to really recognize that you have the power to change your life.”  –  Robin Jillian

ROBIN JILLIAN is host of Awaken Radio and the Author of the deeply intimate and spiritually charged memoir Hugging Trees in the Dark (Finding the Courage to Free the Heart). She is also an evolutionary astrologer, which brought her more deeply in touch with the necessary growth and evolution of the soul’s purpose. An entrepreneur for over 35 years, she has been guiding others to recognize their own self-worth.

Robin describes how when it is time to wake up to who we truly are, we have no choice but to courageously answer the calling of our soul if we want to live a life of purpose and passion. She empowers listeners to know they are not alone when experiencing the terrifying, but essential need to grow when you hear the inner voice to live from the fullness of your heart. When you experience the “Dark Night of the Soul” it can be the scariest time of your life, but through these difficult times you will go deeper into your soul’s true desires and discover the most important relationship in your life…the one you have with yourself. She will guide you helping you to recognize that you too have the power to change your life.

By sharing her personal story of walking away from a 30 yr. marriage, a successful business of 24 yrs., and moving across the country alone, Robin lovingly imparts the lessons she has learned on how to be reborn into your unconditioned self, and gives you the courage and faith to look within yourself for the answers.